Introducing SpruceWare.NET:

More powerful and intuitive than any other business management systems currently available.


What if your software was powered by a platform everyone knew and understood?

SpruceWare.NET is the first Windows® powered information management tool specifically designed for the Lumber, Hardware & Building Materials industry and developed using the Microsoft® .NET framework. Familiarity with the Windows interface combined with simple navigation make training fast and easy. Now, dealers can navigate and access information, manage workflows, and analyze their operations quicker and easier than ever before. SpruceWare.NET delivers unprecedented levels of service and value. In addition, the open architecture of the Microsoft .NET platform ensures easy integration with 3rd party systems and applications at the best value for Spruce customers.

SpruceWare.NET includes a wide array of built-in features that most other software providers charge extra for or require additional investment for licensing 3rd party software. SPRUCE Computer Systems, Inc. is always actively developing and adding new features to our products.

The SpruceWare.NET software is a document-based solution. Almost all activities create documents and these documents are linked together automatically. When viewing a document, you can immediately access any other documents linked to that activity (for example, viewing a customer’s order can immediately provide links to the sale (invoice), purchase order, receipt, payables bill, and so on). It’s also possible to attach scanned images of external documents toSpruceWare.NET documents for easy access to even more information.

SpruceWare.NET’s Cornerstones result in better information management for better Return on Investment. Give SpruceWare.NET a look today!

Client Testimonial

We have just reached our one year anniversary with the new SpruceWare.NET system and are happy to say that we have no regrets. The ability to look up transactions from the past in so many different ways is simply amazing and new features are constantly being added and upgraded. We are confident that we have a product that will still be up-to-date 10 years from now because of the features already in place that allow for expansion. PLUS the customer support level from Spruce is unmatched in the industry, and that alone is worth the investment. We know that when we call with questions, we get immediate help. The whole package is really great!

Sandra Simmons,
Mountain Lumber